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Our Story

We aren't a corporate chain. We're just a couple who love the whole dining out experience. Good food, great drinks, nice vibes.

JEM is the ideal location for your next social gathering, date night or anytime you just need a well-crafted cocktail. We limited the televisions and dimmed the lights. We want you to be in the moment and socialize with those around you. If you're coming alone to unwind, a seat is waiting for you at the bar. 

Our cocktail list includes over 50 classic cocktails with a dozen revolving specialty cocktails. We craft our own cocktail flavorings, mixers, and garnishes. We strive to use the freshest ingredients to create well balanced drinks for our guests to enjoy. Trust us, everything on the menu is ridiculously good. Don't worry, we have tons of beers and plenty of wines for you too!

Our food is inspired by classic dishes with a little influence from our diverse culinary background. The menu consists of plenty of shareables for you and your group to taste several dishes or individual entrées for those looking for a full meal. From our hand cut fries to our house made sauces; from our hand selected meats to our locally farmed produce - we only want to serve the best and highest quality ingredients.

Jason + Jeannie

Parallel Lines


We like to express our creativity through our food and drinks. We don't stay in the box. Our cocktails will be interesting and our food, surprising. We love bold flavors and crazy combinations that work. You can say we push boundaries. We want you to enjoy every sip and bite you take .. and crave more!​

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